Thorough planning, strict quality control, using only the best materials, applying state of the art technology along side traditional Italian craftsmanship and above all listening to our customers permits us to deliver an outstanding product in all its features.


Cornelli uses only the finest timber quality available on the market for its wooden windows frames. The selection of timber used by Cornelli comes from certified and biocompatibile forests from different parts of the world and is characterised by different natural colours, veins and various levels of density.


Using state of the art technology during the planning and production process is not enough. Once all  wooden parts of the window  are ready  the final details are refined by hand by skilled carpenters before passing to automated assembly process.


All Cornelli Windows are painted in-house  according to the latest painting techniques using  ADLER water based primers and coats free from any harmful solvents. We normally carry out  three to five coats of paint, strictly respecting every drying cycle according to ADLER's specifications and guarantee superior painting quality on all our windows for up to 15 years


Every window is specially  made according to our customers requirements and can be fully customized in style, size, colour, finish and configuration, allowing us to  deliver a premium quality product with superior energy efficiency, resistance, durability and security features.


In a marketplace where products look almost the same the difference is in the details. Starting from the quality of the material to the functional and aesthetic design, rigorous quality control and security features we are able to distinguish our windows with this determined approach.  These are some of the features that you can find in our windows


Excellence in every detail