The beauty of wood and the advantage of aluminium


Solid aluminium layer 15 mm. thick fully covering the external part and completely protecting the PRIME wooden window. The aluminium coating can be easily removed in order to be restored or replaced allowing greater flexibility and further possibilities. 

Both wooden and aluminium parts of the window can be designed independently and have modern design with simplified lines matching the style of modern houses or  a classic design in renovation projects and  historic buildings.

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The advantage of Aluminium in a modern context


AGB ARTECH: 150 kg load capacity to support wide balcony doors. Providing high performance insulation and anti-burglary security. Complements seamlessly minimalist flush sash window design


finished profile section 92 mm. x 83 mm. / hinged window profile size 92 mm. x 83 mm. Triple bridle joints are used to hold all the components of the window frame together together with vinyl glue in compliance with the Din 68 602/B3 standard delivering notable strength and durability.

Sealing gaskets

TRIPLE foam gaskets made by SCHLEGEL: Two thermal seal gasket embedded in the window frame and one thermo-acoustic seal gasket embedded in the window sash deliver an excellent seal against air and water. Hidden weep holes are located at the lower part of the wooden frame ensure optimal water drainage.


Aluminum profile, color of your choice i(RAL color chart), installed on the external part of the frame profile mod. 5000 / S modern design, streight lines.

Drip holes

Aesthetically invisibile drip holes are located in the lower part of the window allowing the water to drain efficiently trough the apron of the wooden window.


All wooden parts undergo an anti-mold and anti-parasitic treatment following by three to five coats of ecological paint, strictly respecting every drying cycle according to ADLER's specifications and guarantee superior painting quality. three-stage standard paint cycle comes with a 10-year warranty whereas a five coat paint cycle grantees for 15-year warranty.


Watertightness EN 1027 - UNI EN 12208 Wind resistance EN 12211 - UNI EN 12210 Air permeability EN 1026 Impact resistance EN 13049 Acoustic insulation UNI EN 14351-1 Thermal Resistance UNI EN 10077-1 ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE certified acoustic performance of 45Db THERMAL PERFORMANCE up to 0.9W for 82 mm. thickness window profile and triple glazing with 0.6 UW2k

Cover strips

Standard cover strips: external 3 mm. x 0,8 mm. - internal 5.5 mm. x 1.2 mm.


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