Dal 1976 produciamo serramenti ed infissi

Since 1976 we have been manufacturing windows and doors

Prime 82

A timeless soul window

Falegnameria Cornelli has constantly improved to make the performance of its products more and more efficient. PRIME 82 is a perfect combination of design and technique; a window with a 40 mm glass location and a sash thickness of 82 mm to reach high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Prime 82

Data sheet

Frame thickness 82 x 78 mm – Sash thickness 82 x 78 mm

Classic profile, with square glazing bead and linear sash, or elaborate profile.

In the all-wood window, it is realized by means of drilling holes in the lower part of the frame, while in the patio doors it is made of thermal break aluminum threshold.

The 82 mm thickness of the sash allows a joint between struts and crosspieces with triple tenon and dowels. Frames are also assembled using tenons with open cross-section and two and a half dowels. The external crosspieces are hollow so that struts never come into contact with water. Vinyl-based glues are used on the joints according to DIN 68602.

AGB ARTECH 150 kg load capacity. The hardware provides high performance insulation and anti-burglary security.

Triple foam gaskets: two thermal seal gaskets embedded in the window frame and one thermo-acoustic seal gasket embedded in the window sash

Performed in several phases: primer application by immersion with anti-mold and anti-parasitic treatment and double spray finishing with water-based ecological varnish.

Standard cover strips: external 3 x 0,8 cm – internal 5.5 x 1.2 cm.

UNI EN 1026:2016 + UNI EN 12207:2017 Air permeability and certification CLASS 4

UNI EN 1027:2016 + UNI EN 12208:2000 Water tightness and classification CLASS 7A

UNI EN 12211:2016 + UNI EN 12210:2016 Wind resistance and classification CLASS C5

UNI EN 13049:2004 Impact resistance CLASS 3

UNI EN 14351-1:2016 – 4.8 Load-bearing capacity of safety devices: MET

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