Dal 1976 produciamo serramenti ed infissi

Since 1976 we have been manufacturing windows and doors

Lift and slide door

The protagonist of the scene

The lift and slide door is an original and unique product with a classic and timeless line, that adapts to any type of environment, becoming the protagonist of the scene.
The wooden sash gives the window a natural style, while the wide glass part allows to illuminate the space.

Lift and slide door

Data sheet

Frame thickness 83 x 55 mm – Sash thickness 70 x 100 mm

Its thickness allows a joint between struts and crosspieces with triple tenon and dowels. Frames are assembled using a system of triple profiles. Vinyl-based glues are used on the joints according to DIN 68602.

Maico hardware, depending on the weight of the sash (150 – 200 – 300 – 400 kg).
The hardware of this lift and slide door reaches the highest standards of corrosion resistance with a low environmental impact of production, thanks to the employment of galvanic zinc with passivation process using silver, that avoids the need for hexavalent chrome.

Performed in several phases: primer application by immersion with anti-mold and anti-parasitic treatment; sanding to make the surface perfectly smooth; final spray finishing.

Two more gaskets are applied on the strut between the fixed and the sliding sash in order to obtain a hermetic joint.

Standard cover strips: external 3 x 0,8 cm – internal 5.5 x 1 cm

UNI EN 1026:2016 + UNI EN 12207:2017 Permeabilità all’aria e classificazione CLASSE 4

UNI EN 1027:2016 + UNI EN 12208:2000 Tenuta all’acqua e classificazione CLASSE 5A

UNI EN 12211:2016 + UNI EN 12210:2016 Resistenza al carico del vento e classificazione CLASSE C4

UNI EN 14351-1:2016 – 4.8 Capacità portante dei dispositivi di sicurezza POSITIVO

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