Dal 1976 produciamo serramenti ed infissi

Since 1976 we have been manufacturing windows and doors

Cornelli Group

Since 1976 we have been designing and
producing windows, external and internal doors

We have been manufacturing wood and aluminum doors and windows for over forty years.
We are specialized in woodworking in all its forms, to create unique solutions to satisfy the taste of our customers.
Each of our creations is characterized by functionality, practicality, appearance and durability.

Our story begins in 1976 in the province of Bergamo. The company was established by Giovanni as a handcraft activity, producing wooden furniture, doors and windows. From the very beginning Giovanni was supported by his son Ferruccio, who is now the head of the company.

Since the end of the 1990s, and definitively in 2008 with the plant expansion, Falegnameria Cornelli has specialized in the production of doors and windows.

There are two values that have shaped the company along the years: passion and integrity. The former leads to an extreme care for the quality of the products, from the selection of raw materials to the technological development, to ensure high standards of performance. The latter brings about an ethical and socially responsible behavior, meeting deadlines and being fair in relationships.

We create customized solutions according to style, dimensions, color and finishing the client likes, so as to provide a high-quality product that ensures energy efficiency, robustness, durability and security.

Cornelli Group

Manufacturing techniques


Cornelli employs the best quality of timber, that comes from sustainably managed forests.


Our windows are assembled by a joint between tenons with open cross-section and dowels, to ensure a greater structural strength.


Our windows are varnished following the latest techniques, using water-based and solvent-free products.
Three to five coats of varnish are applied, strictly respecting every drying cycle according to our suppliers’ specifications and guaranteeing the durability of the varnish for 15 years.

Cornelli Group


project consulting

Our highly-trained technicians can collaborate with the professionals involved in your house design, to create a product that meets your needs.


Our technical staff can perform measurements both in private houses and on construction sites, using electronic measuring instruments, ensuring the highest precision and quality.


Our technical staff installs your doors and windows safely, to ensure the proper functionality of the products both technically and aesthetically.

Collection and disposal

Falegnameria Cornelli takes care of the collection of your old doors and windows and disposes them in accordance with the current legislation, respecting the environment.

After-sale support

Our after-sale service allows you to communicate directly with our technical staff, to meet every need.