Since 1976 we have been manufacturing windows and doors

Cornelli Group

Venetian blinds

External venetian blinds with a modern line: the blind slats allow to refract light outwards or to direct natural sunlight inside the house avoiding the dazzle effect. These blinds are provided with anti-lift system to ensure a higher security.
They are available both with manual activation or motor-powered.

Cornelli Group

Roller shutters

Shutters made of reinforced pvc with self-clinching slats. It is possible to choose from different models with different weights: the heavier it is, the greater the resistance.

Shutters with aluminum frame profile insulated with long-lasting ecological polyurethane foam. The advantage of this product is the fact that they are light and strong at the same time and they don’t require maintenance. It is possible to install them on old rails.
The wide range of finishes make these shutters adaptable to any environment.

Shutters with a more solid aluminum frame profile that ensures a higher security and thermal insulation. This product is insulated with long-lasting ecological polyurethane foam, just as the middle or high consistency aluminum shutter. They are available in different styles, with a wide range of finishes, in order to meet the most demanding needs.

Cornelli Group

Insect screens

Proteggere l’ambiente domestico dall’intrusione di zanzare ed altri insetti è diventato un punto fondamentale per il miglioramento del comfort domestico, soprattutto durante il periodo estivo, in cui lasciamo che le nostre case respirino aprendo i nostri serramenti. Grazie alle zanzariere da noi offerte si crea una barriera attorno alle vostre abitazioni, che ci libera dagli snervanti ronzii notturni proteggendo il nostro sonno, e dalle punture di insetto.

Vertical retractable insect screen, available both with manual activation or motor-powered, ideal for all kinds of window.

Horizontal retractable insect screen with manual activation, ideal for doors, patio doors and lift and slide doors.

Cornelli Group

Internal doors

Non solo l’esterno, ma anche l’interno della casa ha bisogno di un tocco personale e di qualità, l’ampia selezione di porte interne permette ad ognuno di esprimere al massimo la propria personalità per gli ambienti domestici e di arredare la propria casa con uno stile unico.

The constant search for innovation led to the creation of laminated panels, applied as single pieces to avoid possible moisture infiltration. These laminated doors are able to represent in an accurate way the various types of wood and ensures a high resistance to scratches and scrapings.

Wood represents the material par excellence for furniture: it is a living material that makes each piece unique, thanks to the wood grain.

Cornelli Group

Reinforced gates

Security first and foremost. Our reinforced gates reach the higher standards of anti-burglary security, resistance to wind and water and thermal and acoustic insulation, remaining extremely customizable.

Cornelli Group

Roller shutter boxes

Resistance, effectiveness and practicality characterize roka-therm roller shutter boxes. They are made of light materials and offer excellent energy performance thanks to the polyester padding inside the box.

The roller shutter boxes we produce reach the higher standard of performance, with their wooden structure and panels and the internal insulation.